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The Future of Scientific Workflows.

International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications (IJHPCA), 2017. E. Deelman, T. Peterka, I. Altintas, Christopher Carothers, K. Kleese van Dam, K. Moreland, M. Parashar, L. Ramakrishnan, M. Taufer, and J. Vetter.

Enhancing Reproducibility for Computational Methods - Data, code and workflows should be available and cited

Science, 354(6317), December 9, 2016.V. Stodden, M. McNutt, D. H. Bailey, E. Deelman, Y. Gil, B. Hanson, M. A. Heroux, J. P.A. Ioannidis, and M. Taufer.

MEMS Accelerometers and Distributed Sensing for Rapid Earthquake Characterization.

Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA), January 7, 2014 J. F. Lawrence, E.S. Cochran, A. Chung, A. Kaiser, C.M. Christensen, R. Allen, D. Anderson, J.W. Baker, B. Fry, T. Heaton, D. Kilb, M.D. Kohler, and M. Taufer.

The Computational Chemistry Prototyping Environment.

Proceedings of the IEEE Special Issue on Grid Computing. (93)3: 512 - 521, March 2005. K. Baldridge, J.P. Greenberg, W. Sudholt, K. Bhatia, S. Mock, C. Amoreira, Y. Potier, and M. Taufer:

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Data Movement in Data-Intensive High Performance Computing.

Conquering Big Data with High Performance Computing. Springer International Publishing AG. ISBN 9783319337401. 2016. P. Cicotti, S. Oral, G. Kestor, R. Gioiosa, S. Strande, M. Taufer, J. H. Rogers, H. Abbasi, J. Hill, and L. Carrington.

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