ANACIN-X: Analysis and Modeling of Nondeterminism and Associated Costs in eXtreme Scale Applications

Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under grants number 1900888 and 1900765


Nondeterminism is a growing and often forgotten challenge for HPC execution. In order to approach this problem, this project has four main goals:
Model non-deterministic executions by identifying sources of non-determinism in HPC applications, and detailing the characteristics of these sources in a given communication topology.
Improve understanding of non-deterministic features across various HPC applications via tracing techniques mixed with modeling and comparison of event graphs.
Study the types and sources of communication non-determinism via both application of existing tools for graph comparison and development of new tools for graph alignment.
Provide lightweight, portable methods for modeling and identifying application non-determinism, allowing for efficient analysis and debugging of arbitrary HPC codes.
Foster an understanding of non-determinism in the next generation of HPC experts via development and release of interactive and educational software and media about non-determinism, collaboration with computer science and HPC organizations such as the SIGHPC Resource Constrained Environments Chapter to reach out to edge communities, and engagement of students in research opportunities.

ANACIN-X Tutorial

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